New Plato Book Coming Out in Late August

UPDATE: The University of Manchester has just issued a press release (here) to announce the publication. Perhaps the most significant part of the book argues that Plato’s symbols force a radical rethink of Plato’s ethical philosophy, and especially his philosophy of love.

After a busy spring, my new book The Musical Structure of Plato’s Dialogues will appear in late August. Acumen Publishing has done a great job and brought out a handsome volume in record time. They have simultaneously published both the hardback and paperback in both the UK and USA (click for Amazon). This book contains many new ideas and many new kinds of evidence for hidden musical symbols in Plato. It shows that interpretations of Plato’s writings on love (the Symposium) and religion (the Euthyphro) will have to change in surprising ways.  This book was revised in real time as I responded to many questions and criticisms that came in during the series of lectures I gave, and I thank all who contributed.


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4 Responses to New Plato Book Coming Out in Late August

  1. Galen Cawley says:

    Dear Jay,

    I pre-ordered your book from (US) several months ago, but they emailed me this week to cancel the order “due to a lack of availability from [their] suppliers”. Is this merely a temporary glitch, or is the book still forthcoming? Can you shed any light on the situation — I am eagerly waiting the chance to read such ground-breaking research.

    Thank you and best wishes,

    Galen Cawley

  2. katageek says:

    Well, I got a used paperback from Amazon and was told it would be here in two weeks.

    • Dear katageek, thanks very much. I just had another email from the publisher. It is in stock in the US but there is some problem with Amazon’s listing. Watch this space! Please let me know what you make of all this. Jay

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