About Jay Kennedy

My biography from my webpage at Manchester University:

I studied mathematics and computers at Princeton. My doctorate is in philosophy from Stanford University, with a speciality in the history and philosophy of mathematical physics. My advisors were Nancy Cartwright, Peter Galision, and John Dupre. I also studied Greek philosophy with Julius Moravcsik, Jean Hampton, and Wilbur Knorr. I was a student for a year at the Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin. I was an assistant professor at Notre Dame University for three years and spent a year doing research at Cambridge University, where I was the principal investigator with an NSF grant, before moving to Manchester University.

For several years now, my research has centred on Plato’s science. This has grown into an exciting project on Plato’s relation to Pythagoras. My personal web page introduces this work, and has links to various papers and files for those who wish to contribute to this project.

At Manchester, I have taught courses on the history of mathematics, on the philosophy of science, on introductory philosophy, on Plato’s Republic, on Aristotle’s Ethics, on the history of computers, and on science and literature. My partner has a job which requires frequent travel, and so I am the primary caregiver for Lily and John and now teach part-time.

Before become a teacher, I worked for a year on the oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico. I put myself through university by repairing computers. For some five years, I worked with NEC Inc. in Tokyo, and was a professional translator (from Japanese to English). NEC sent me to the National Computer Centre in Baghdad, where I lectured for a term.


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